One Last Post… We’ve Moved…

Hello readers,

Unless you haven’t noticed the (somewhat-obnoxious) header that we have going on here, it’s with great happiness that I announce that we’ve officially moved to While the site had existed for some two months already, it wasn’t ready – until now. I’ve fully moved over everything over to – music, videos, posts, everything. To quote, it’s faster, better, and stronger.

Due to‘s high ranking in Google searches, I’m keeping open for another month or two – there’s the handy search box on the right if you’re still looking for something here. After that, this URL will automatically redirect to our new site.

I’ll have a write-up of all the new changes over on the new site, and I hope all of you like it as much as I do – any comments, suggestions, or questions, please send to

Thanks again for reading, and don’t let the music stop!



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