So So – 徐若瑄 / So So – Vivian Hsu

Chinglish Five:

Vivian Hsu - Vivian And…

Song: So So

Album: Vivi And…

Artist: 徐若瑄 / xu ruo xuan / Vivian Hsu

Released: September 19, 2006

Continuing on with our coverage of great Chinglish songs, this leads us to 徐若瑄, or Vivian Hsu. An opinion my friends and I ended forming was that Vivian Hsu is like Catherine Zeta-Jones – sure, they’re old (Vivian’s 32, and Zeta-Jones 38) but they still look damn hot. (Feel free to disagree)

So, even after over a decade of acting and singing (and modeling for photoshots), her last studio album, Vivi And… (released in 2006) had many great songs – another favourite one of mine is 小女, but it’s not a Chinglish song so we can’t feature it here. But So So, featuring Nicky Lee (李玖哲) – I remember having a heated debate with classmates over whether he could speak Chinese or not… Turns out he can, of course, though in So So he primarily raps in English, and the most Chinese he speaks is “I Say Baby過來給我抱抱.”

I love this song – especially how the lyrics are structured, with two of the same words to accentuate “so-so”. Be sure to also check out Vivian’s incredibly sexy music video after the break.

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詞曲:Mikkei Remee Sigvardt
中文詞:嚴云農 Rap詞:李玖哲 演唱:徐若瑄 

I’m feelin real good and da mood is right..
Can you be the one to hold me baby thru da night

Give u all u need guarantee you dat.
always gonna be derr for you girl.
Believe dat I been waitin fo dis moment fo quite sometime,
U hot U fly baby U’z a dime
If you feelin on me baby just say so.
Aint gonna give you love dat be just SOSO

Just Do It 繼續努力 Boy
Dont’t U Love Me 趕快表白自己
我已把所有的秘訣告訴你 你還在等什麼?

情話 你不能隨便說說
付出 你不能隨便做做
表現就不能隨便So So
愛情 不能盲目隨便走走
對的人 不能隨便選個某某
你的愛就別只是So So

Right here in my arms is where you should be.
whatever da need mami yes indeed
Aint no holdin back tryin give you all of me,
Givin you a lot mo den L.O.V.E.
Aint tryin to give you love dats SO-SO,
If you feelin me mami lets GO-O
Cuz lm ready to give u baby all I got.
100 percent n da lovin don’t stop…..

玫瑰是會枯萎的 糖果是會融化的
美好的愛不能虛度 Oh Yeah Oh Yeah
愛是可以永遠的 卻是不能馬虎的
百分百才會有幸福 Oh Yeah Oh Yeah

I Say Baby過來給我抱抱
I Say Baby過來給我抱抱
You Cute, You Hot, You makin all dem boys drop to derr knees,
beggin please Makin all derr hearts stop……
I Say Baby過來給我抱抱
I Say Baby過來給我抱抱
All I wanna do is just be yo man


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