S.H.E – Super Star

Chinglish Two:

S.H.E - Super Star

Song: Super Star

Album: Super Star

Artist: S.H.E

Released: August 22, 2003

You can pretty much tell a song is going to be a Chinglish song if there are no Chinese characters whatsoever in the title or the artist’s name. Yet, Super Star was S.H.E’s biggest hit/single for many years, all the way until 中國話 came out last year. With an addicting chorus and beat, no wonder it was that popular, and even today it’s still often requested for KTVing. If you haven’t heard it before, well… You’re missing out.

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曲︰Jade and Geoman 詞︰施人誠

笑 就歌頌 一皺眉頭就心痛
我沒空理會我 只感受你的感受
你要往哪走 把我靈魂也帶走
它為你著了魔 留著有什麼用

*你是電 你是光 你是唯一的神話
我只愛你 You are my Super Star
你主宰 我崇拜 沒有更好的辦法
只能愛你 You are my Super StarR

手 不是手 是溫柔的宇宙
我這顆小星球 就在你手中轉動
請 看見我 讓我有夢可以作
我為你發了瘋 你必須獎勵我

重唱 *

你是意義 是天是地是神的旨意
除了愛你 沒有真理

火 你是火 是我飛蛾的盡頭
沒想過要逃脫 為什麼我要逃脫
謝謝你給我 一段快樂的夢遊
如果我忘了我 請幫忙記得我

重唱 *,*


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    Who cares if the SHE can’t speak English?

  2. Love this song to DEATH!!!! Does anyone know whre I can download it? <=(