飛輪海 – 雙面飛輪海 / Fahrenheit – Two-Sided Fahrenheit (Review)


Fahrenheit - Two-Sided Fahrenheit

Album: 雙面飛輪海 / shuang mian fei lun hai / Two-Sided Fahrenheit

Artist: 飛輪海 / fei lun hai / Fahrenheit

Date Released: January 4, 2008

Review By: ting

Get it into your head now: their names are Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, Wu Chun and Aaron Yan. The four boys represent different seasons: Calvin is Spring (warm and cheerful), Jiro is Summer (bright and passionate), Wu Chun is Autumn (pensive and cool at times), Aaron is Winter (quiet and melancholic). Together, Fahrenheit is an interesting mix of intriguing personalities. Why do you need to know them? Because they are probably the most successful Taiwanese boy band after F4. In Taiwan, their faces are printed on every single vitamin drink; they are in every single Hong Kong Disneyland promotional video, and you can’t buy a bottle of Watsons Distilled Water without seeing their names on the wrappings.

This is Fahrenheit. The hottest commercial boy band phenomenon. Did anyone ever think they could sing after listening to their first album Fahrenheit? Probably not. But since that debut, their vocal skills have matured, and this is made clear in Two-sided Fahrenheit. Poppy romantic songs are still in majority, but they are not all so cutesy anymore. Fast songs like 新窩 New Digs and Superb are the new radio hits. 小小大人物 Small, Yet Significant Character is a tribute to Mickey Mouse, foaming with optimism about the future and the value of individuals. The song is being played in all the Disneylands in Asia now, so there is a good bit of festivity in it, too.

But of course, if you are still up for sentimental ballads, 不會愛 Can’t Love is a pretty decent on in R&B style with a Jay Chou-esque under beat. I will give another thumbs up for Ti Amo for its linguistic hybridity. Remember Fish Leong’s j’Adore? It seems that English is not enough for our pop singers to show the present extent of Westernization in Taiwan/China. No, we need to import more random phrases. In the case of Ti Amo, though, you wonder how well this works for love songs: “Wo Ai Ni” is apparently not exotic and expressive enough. So Aaron Yan and Jade incorporated Spanish, and Korean versions of “I love/like you” – “Ti Amo, Te queiro, and Sarang Heyo”, with admirable results.

As usual, S.H.E. gave their little brothers a hand in boosting up the album’s chart-rankings. After 謝你的溫柔 Thank You For Your Tenderness and 只對你有感覺 Only Have Feelings For You last year, New Digs is another sure-win remix. Mind you though, the tune is extremely catchy and contagious. Do not hit replay too much it if you don’t want to be infected by a pink mentality. (editor’s note: There’s the all-male version, which I heartily dislike and call the “cockfest” version. 😉

Other recommendations and why:

至少還有我 At Least You Still Have Me – it has all that kinetic energy of Mcfly and Busted. Or better perhaps because it’s in Chinese? A definite Pan-Asia concert piece.

為你存在 Exist For You – another profound exploration of the nature of love and existence….? No. Not really, but you can’t hate the MV, because they were all dressed as cupids in a completely heterosexual style.


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新窩 (公主小妹片頭曲) / xin wo / New Digs

Song Link | Lyrics

作詞:張家瑋 作曲:林邁可 合唱:S.H.E

飛輪海:感受不易形容 就算會有一點唐突也要說
請搬進我心窩 如果你不幸福再離家出走
我心窩做你的新窩 也許坪數不太夠
甚至會擁擠到 只裝的下你我
請快準備行李 丟掉用不到的傷心舊回憶
腦海中 相本日記 從此更新 只有彼此專屬甜蜜

S.H.E:抱枕就丟掉 有肩膀就夠
最後用關心問候 捆綁我們的手 完工

全:只要在你身邊 我就省掉思念 時間只用來眷戀(時間只用來眷戀)
我要在你身邊 盡情浪費喜悅 也許一待就永遠

S.H.E:管他金窩銀窩 怎樣都比不過彼此的心窩
打包一箱溫柔 今後多多指教就互相寬容
你心窩做我新窩 暖氣不需要使用 我已經溫暖到 融化所有冷漠

飛輪海:請快準備行李 丟掉用不到的傷心舊回憶
腦海中 相本日記 從此更新 只有彼此專屬甜蜜

S.H.E:抱枕就丟掉 有肩膀就夠
最後用關心問候 捆綁我們的手 完工

全:只要在你身邊(在你身邊) 我就省掉思念 時間只用來眷戀(時間只用來眷戀)
我要在你身邊(在你身邊) 盡情浪費喜悅 也許一待就永遠(一待就永遠) (X2)

為你存在 / wei ni chun zai / Exist For YouSong Link | Lyrics

作詞:施人誠 作曲:鄭楠

我曾經不明白 每天為何醒來 工作吃飯發呆 這樣算愉不愉快
我現在不意外 生命必先空白 不然哪夠讓你 來排山倒海

感謝妳 人海中來相遇 當你喚我姓名 我才聽見我和世界有了聯繫
愛妳 讓我找到定義 和妳擁有屬於 就不再怕時間再逝去

為妳存在才不孤單 苦樂都有妳分擔分享 幸福奢侈到不應該
為妳存在才有未來 每件事都值得去期待 每一天都有你和我相愛

沒有妳 喔哦 yeah~

沒有妳 這世界多空虛 幾億個陌生人 少掉一個陌生的我也沒關係
愛妳 讓我發現自己 原來如此具體 會哭會笑會心跳呼吸 會心跳呼吸

為你存在才不孤單 苦樂都有你分擔分享 幸福奢侈到不應該
為你存在才有未來 每件事都值得去期待 每一天都有你和我相愛

全:為你存在才不孤單 (綸:為你存在不孤單~)
苦樂都有你分擔分享 幸福奢侈到不應該
為你存在才有未來 每件事都值得去期待

不會愛 / bu hui ai / Can’t LoveSong Link | Lyrics

作詞:黃祖蔭 作曲:鄭楠 編曲:洪敬堯 演唱:飛輪海

遠遠看著妳跟他快樂聊到笑開 yeah~

耳機它輕輕吻我耳朵 愛情歌聽不完

*妳不會愛 我的愛 我明白
妳的最愛 那一塊 哪天我才存在
我不會愛 妳的愛 受傷害

寂寞卻多到塞車根本無法動彈 yeah~

耳機它輕輕吻我耳朵 愛情歌聽不完

repeat *

跟自己比快 我會趕上妳未來 oh~

妳不會愛 我的愛 我明白
妳的最愛 那一塊 哪天我才存在
我不會愛 妳的愛 受傷害

不怕空白 我繼續等待

Ti Amo (我愛你義大利文) (Italian for I Love You)Song Link | Lyrics 曲:Jasemaine 詞:Jasemaine/張家瑋

雖然是簡單的形容 雖然是重複的動作
因為有你 讓一切都變成不平凡
好想縫合妳我手心 就這樣牽住放不開
有妳陪伴 呼吸著有你的空氣 就是幸福

Ti Amo Te Quiero
想著你 沉入夢境
一張眼 一清醒 第一個想到又是你

(sa lang hae) and I love you
我每天都要愛上你 (都要愛上你)
少一天 (少一天])就會遺憾 (woo hoo)
陪著你的光陰 怎樣都不算 蹉跎

亞綸 :
好想縫合妳我手心 就這樣牽住放不開
有妳陪伴 呼吸著有你的空氣 就是幸福

Ti Amo Te Quiero
想著你 沉入夢境
一張眼 一清醒 第一個想到又是你

合唱 :
(sa lang hae) and I love you
我每天都要愛上你 [都要愛上你]
少一天 (少一天) 就會遺憾 (woo hoo)
陪著你的光陰 怎樣都不算 蹉跎 (都不算 蹉跎)
陪著你的光陰 永遠都覺得 不夠

小小大人物 / xiao xiao da ren wu / Small, Yet Significant Character[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEqnS_asrSASong Link | Lyrics

作詞:陳少琪 作曲:金培達 編曲:嚴勵行/莊冬昕

你身影代表了幻想 煙花不放 目光都閃亮
當笑容跟夢想一起出場 小小心臟 有大大膽量
你證明飛翔不一定要翅膀 有愛就會有天堂
你的手掌 永遠有一道星光 帶動世上所有的螢光棒

小小大人物 你的誕生是上天的禮物
請用你的童真 把世界看得清楚 把生命變成一場歌舞

小小大人物 快樂的俱樂部
由你作主 請打開 你心靈的窗戶 有權利做夢就有義務
天天進步 是最大的財富(創造紀錄)

M…I…C…K…E…Y… M…O…U…S…E…
你彷佛從來不悲傷 所以陽光 能排上用場
告訴我當善良遇上堅強 就能釋放 最大能量


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  4. hi…im a fan of fahrenheit!! esp wu chun,,,hana kimi here in the philippines is going to end already…so,,im gonna watch wu chuns next movie,,romantic princess….hehe..luv yah…wu chun!

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