王力宏 – 改變自己 / Leehom Wang – Change Me (2007 in Review)


Wang Lihom - 改變自己 album cover

Album: 改變自己 / gai bian zi ji / Change Me

Artist: 王力宏 / wang li hong / Leehom Wang

Release Date
: July 13, 2007

Review By: ashih

Exactly two years ago, most of the world was waiting for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Times Square, fireworks out of Taipei 101, etc. As for myself and the rest of the die-hard Chinese music scene, we were anticipating the release of Leehom Wang’s newest album, “蓋世英雄.” When listeners finally got their paws on the album, the response was overwhelmingly positive; songs like 花田錯 continued the unique “Chinked out” style that Leehom is famous for, “大城小愛” proved to be one of the most popular ballads of the year, and the often overlooked 完美的互動 featured collaboration with super popular Korean artist Rain. But after Heroes of the Earth (蓋世英雄), Leehom started an extremely successful concert tour and began filming for Ang Lee’s 色戒(Lust, Caution), failing to release any new musical masterpieces in 2006.
Thus, when Leehom announced the release of a new album in 2007, fans started to wonder if their idol had lost the creativity that had defined his musical career for the past three years, the creativity that had made him one of the three “Pop princes” of China and Taiwan. Speculation continued to abound when the album title, 改變自己, “Change Myself” was revealed. When the song 落葉歸根 was played on hito radio in Taiwan, responses were mixed, just like the responses to the entire album when it came out. 改變自己 marked a departure from the “chinked out” style of music. Instead, Leehom experimented with a more poppy style in 我們的歌 and adopted a more “Western” feel in (the actual song) 改變自己. He collaborated with Selina of SHE and tried some 台語 in 你是我心內一首歌. And he went a little “wild” with Cockney Girl, and a little “crazy” with 華人萬歲. (Just listen to them and you will know what I mean).
In this reviewer’s humble opinion, 改變自己 is a solid album that I still listen to on a regular basis. There is really something for everybody here; the energetic can get more energetic with 改變自己, people looking for some quiet tunes have 星期六的深夜, nationalistic people have 華人萬歲, and what I personally believe is the best song off the album, 不完整的旋律 will definitely become a KTV karaoke favorite in the future.
So what can we say about Leehom’s future popularity and musical creativity based on 改變自己? One thing is for sure, the album was strong enough and the response was enthusiastic enough for Leehom to maintain his status as on the most popular singers in Taiwan and in Asia. At the same time however, I can’t help but worry that because he took this album in so many directions it will be hard for him to find one unique, identifying style that will make him more of a legend than he already is. But in all honesty, I am not going to doubt him. Come on, he is Leehom Wang after all!

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改變自己 / gai bian zi ji / Change Me

Song Link | Lyrics

作詞:王力宏 作曲:王力宏 編曲:王力宏

今早起床了 看鏡子裡的我
一點點改變 有很大的差別

最近比較煩 最近情緒很Down
但髒話沒用 大家只會嫌兇

#新一代的朋友我們 好好的加油
大家一起大聲的說 Na Na Na Na Na

*我可以改變世界 改變自己
改變龜毛 改變小氣
要一直 努力努力 永不放棄
才可以 改變世界 C’mon 改變自己

今早起床了 覺得頭有點痛
可能是二氧化碳太多 氧氣不夠
一點點改變 有很大的差別

只能代表自己 沒有政治立場
要調整自己 Mm~
沒想到一點就能 畫龍點睛

Repeat #,* *

落葉歸根 / luo ye gui gen / Falling Leaves Return to the RootsSong Link | Lyrics作詞:鄺裕民 作曲:鄺裕民 編曲:吳慶隆舉頭望無盡灰雲 那季節叫做寂寞
背包塞滿了家用 路就這樣開始走
日不見太陽的暖 夜不見月光的藍
不得不選擇寒冷的開始 留下只擁有遺憾命運的安排 遵守自然的邏輯 誰都無法揭謎底 喔~遠離家鄉 不勝唏噓 幻化成秋夜
而我卻像 落葉歸根 墜在你心間
幾分憂鬱 幾分孤單 都心甘情願
我的愛像 落葉歸根 家唯獨在你身邊Repeat all once但願陪你找回 所遺失的永恆 當我開口你卻沈默 只剩一場夢

我卻像 落葉歸根 墜在你心間
幾分憂鬱 幾分孤單 都心甘情願
我的愛像 落葉歸根 家唯獨在你身邊

我們的歌 / wo men de ge / Our SongSong Link | Lyrics 作詞:王力宏/陳信延 作曲:王力宏 編曲:王力宏已經聽了一百遍 怎麼聽都不會倦
從白天唱到黑夜 你一直在身邊如果世界太危險 只有音樂最安全
帶著我進夢裡面 讓歌詞都實現無論是開心還是難過我的愛一直不變
無論是Hip Hop 還是搖滾我的愛一直不變
所有美好回憶紀錄在裡面這種 Forever love 那麼深 我們的歌 那麼真
無國界跨時代 再也不會叫我 Kiss Goodbye
要每一句能夠動人心弦 Yeah*情人總分分合合 可是我們卻越愛越深
認識你 讓我的幸福如此悅耳
能不能不要切歌 繼續唱我們的歌

Repeat all once,*

你是我心內的一首歌 /ni shi wo xin nei de yi shou ge / You’re a Song Within My HeartSong Link | Lyrics 作詞:丁曉雯 作曲:王力宏 編曲:王力宏/吳慶隆 女聲:Selina王:你是我心內的一首歌 心間開啟花一朵
S:你是我生命的一首歌(Hello Selina) 想念匯成一條河
王:惦在我心內的一首歌 不要只是個過客
S:在我生命留下一首歌 不論結局會如何合:好想問你 對我到底有沒有動心 沉默太久
王:不小心犯錯S:惦在我心內的一首歌 不要只是個過客
王:在我生命留下一首歌 不論結局會如何合:你是我心內的一首歌 心間開啟花一朵 你是我生命的一首歌

合:惦在我心內的一首歌 不要只是個過客
在我生命留下一首歌 不論結局會如何

不完整的旋律 / bu wan zheng de xuan lu / The Incomplete MelodySong Link | Lyrics 作詞:王力宏/陳鎮川 作曲:王力宏 編曲:王力宏/吳慶隆心裡有個旋律 不完整的歌曲
最近世界有點奇怪 好像缺了一塊心裡那個旋律 未完成的情緒
如果你在傾聽 是否打動了你
說實在我也不確定 怎樣比較好聽#不完整的旋律 沒什麼結局
不完整的旋律 勇敢的唱給你聽
填滿你我不完整的感情想寫一個旋律 沒修飾的痕跡
即使別人覺得奇怪 不需要再更改Repeat # #


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