林俊傑 – 西界 / JJ Lin – Westside (2007 in Review)


JJ Lin- Westside

Album: 西界 / xi jie / Westside

Artist: 林俊傑 / lin jun jie / JJ Lin

Release Date: June 29, 2007

Review By: Ashih

For nearly a decade now, David Tao (陶喆), Jay Chou (周杰倫), and Leehom Wang (王力宏), the three “Pop princes,” have, without question dominated the Taiwanese and Chinese musical scenes. But with David Tao hinting at retirement, it remains to be seen who will fill the space left by the creator of such songs as 愛, 很簡單 (Love is very easy), 就是愛你 (It’s loving you), and 愛我還是他 (Who do you Love?). Side note: I cannot believe that so many of David Tao’s songs have the word for love, “愛” in them. In my opinion, JJ Lin is on the verge of taking over that position.

Prior to June of 2007, JJ had enjoyed an extremely successful career. Although his album sales could not compare to Jay Chou’s or Jolin Tsai’s, songs like 江南 (River South), 簡簡單單 (Simply) and 曹操 (Cao Cao) garnered high praise, won awards, and were played on the radio quite frequently. Outside of the music industry, JJ took a minor role in the super popular Taiwanese drama 花樣少年少女 (Hana Kimi). Thus, expectations were relatively high for his new album, 西界 (Westside) in June of 2007. The critics agree, 西界 more than delivered.

In my opinion, 西界, despite several flaws, is the album of the year. Why? 殺手 (Assassin) really pushed the limits of music. It uses a very unique “electronic” style of music that has rarely been seen in the Chinese music world. Despite its slightly repetitive nature, it is a catchy song. Combine this with the controversial (banned in China, censored in Taiwan) music video and we have a winner. In 西界 (Westside), the album’s title track, JJ sticks to his old style; his unique voice ends up creating an elegant and quite beautiful (for lack of a less sappy word) piece. 發現愛, JJ’s duet with 金沙 is a cute song similar to 西界. It reminds me of internet hits like 梁山伯與茱麗葉 (with 小鬼 and 主文宣). Baby, Baby is an uplifting song that is being used in the war against drugs in Taiwan. Finally, what I believe to be the best track on the album, 自由不變, combines JJ’s gentle voice and some elements of 中國風 style music to create an excellent and somewhat underappreciated song.

I mentioned several flaws I see in the album. First of all, JJ’s tracks 單挑, K-O, and 無聊 reference competing with Jay Chou numerous times. Whether it was the use of the word 屌 or having a “battle” with a fake Jay Chou (and saying “You tripping?”), I found this segment of the album to be somewhat offensive. (This may be because I am one of Jay Chou’s biggest fans however). In addition, songs like 西界 and 殺手 were slightly repetitive and could have been improved upon.

JJ’s future looks bright and will be bright. I made several broad generalizations in this write up (and please feel free to disagree with me) but I am going to make another one: JJ Lin is on his way to reaching Jay Chou, Leehom Wang “Prince” status. He may not write exquisitely romantic love melodies like David Tao, but his creativity and unique voice are sure to take him far.

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殺手 / sha shou / The Killa

Song Link | Lyrics

作詞:林秋離 作曲:林俊傑 編曲:林俊傑 演奏:古箏-王勇

交叉在微笑的背後 暗藏危險的輪廓
在妳最放鬆的時候 絕不帶著任何感情就下手 從來不回頭

開始的感覺 不會痛 不會痛 放大的瞳孔 就像作夢
幸福的錯覺 很溫暖 很包容 也許還期待
這是致命的衝動 妳不懂 我不懂
究竟殺手為什麼存在 因為愛 還是未知的未來

#心情放鬆搖擺 在妳三百米之外 數著心跳等待 所有念頭全拋開
鎖起來 進來 這美麗的悲哀 這是愛 就是愛 全世界都不明白

*心情停止搖擺 在妳三百米之外 感覺饑餓難耐 需要妳填滿空白
鎖起來 進來 這美麗的悲哀 這是愛 就是愛 只有妳明白

Repeat all once,#,*

單挑 / dan tiao / One-on-one

Song Link | Lyrics

單挑作曲:林俊傑 編曲:林俊傑

(Woo 有進步喔 有進步喔) 有嗎
(不錯喔) 謝啦謝啦
(Yeah. I was like what ? 有進步)
(I was like wow ! Surprise me.)
(You know, you weren’t like this a long time ago.)
(你以前沒有那麼厲害) 真的嗎
(Yeah.) Well, it’s a good sign!
(Yeah, but 還是不夠屌 though…) 什麼
還是不夠屌 怎樣才算屌
等比你屌才算屌 那我現在就可以比你屌
(What? You trippin? You serious?)
(Alright fine, let’s battle!)
(我們來battle一場 好久沒有battle了)
Really? You wanna battle?
(Yean! Show me what you got!)
Watch me.


Song Link | Lyrics

作詞:林秋離/Rap:林子欽 作曲:林俊傑 編曲:林俊傑/Kenn C RAP:林子欽

柔道 一鎖住了你 過肩摔才兩秒
拿刀 我旋開左腳 擒拿你的後腰

喔~ 禮節要做到 喔~ 等裁判說好

繞 我往你右邊繞 你攻擊沒力道
我佔據下死角 可攻可逃

O-A-O 瞬間就擊倒 甚至來不及讀秒
你全身都是我目標 老鼠遇見貓

O-A-O 看我這一招 側腰回旋 空手道
延長比賽都延不了 一次就把你 KO

煩惱 一纏上了人 很不容易甩掉
愛情 只要能活著 你怎麼說都好

喔~ 禮節要做到 喔~ 等裁判說好

Round one fight! 保持原來戰鬥姿態
太慢 太慢 我穩如泰山
你的攻擊都失敗 抱歉讓你滿頭大汗
Combo連續技 快到你都無法閃 3
手足無措卡在角落無法動彈 2
需不需要開點窗戶讓你喘喘 必殺技 1
火力全開 KO 掰掰

發現愛 / fa xian ai / Discovering Love

Song Link | Lyrics

作詞:林怡鳳 作曲:林俊傑 編曲:Kenn C 合唱:林俊傑/金莎

#林︰嘰嘰喳喳路人小孩 噘嘴的你站在露台
陽光瞇著眼看我們 同時也 發現愛
金︰嘀嘀咕咕我該不該 讓你看穿
冰淇淋 的默契 就是愛

*金︰濃郁香草 巧克瑪瑙 不覺中悄悄融化了
林:忘了煩惱 可愛多好 不需要說什麼
呼吸之間 就嘗到了你我
合:我看見 love’s in the air

Repeat all once

男女:丘比特苦惱 嘮叨的月老 緣份來了 他們誰也管不了
就放手去愛 love’s in the air
女男:花開得很好 風吹得很好 只要你在什麼都好
愛的香味隨空 氣飄

Repeat *

自由不變 / zi you bu bian / Freedom

Song Link | Lyrics

作詞:林秋離 作曲:林俊傑 編曲:吳慶隆

不變 不動 不轉 的時間
剎那 瞬息 片刻 永遠
突然領悟你是 如何愛我

#(我)一直習慣簡單的 隨興的
放任的自由 不喜歡動輒得咎

*沉默的 瞭解的 是你的溫柔
不管我錯了 對了 因為你說 那就是我

Repeat all once,#,*



3 responses to “林俊傑 – 西界 / JJ Lin – Westside (2007 in Review)

  1. i like jj all song

  2. lalalalalala

    梁山伯與茱麗葉 is sang by 曹格… not by 小鬼..

  3. I think there’s an error as stated by lalalalala.

    I don’t know if there’s another duet with the song 梁山伯與茱麗葉, but the one that’s released by Genie 卓文萱 is actually a duet with Gary Cao 曹格 and not Xiao Gui 小鬼.

    As for the album itself, I’ve only started listening now. I like 西界 track. The other tracks, I need more time to listen.