飛輪海 & S.H.E – 新窩 / Fahrenheit & S.H.E – New Digs

Fahrenheit & S.H.E - New Digs

Song: 新窩 / xin wo / New Digs

Album: 雙面飛輪海 / shuang mian fei lun hai / Two-Sided Fahrenheit

Artist: 飛輪海 & S.H.E / Fahrenheit and S.H.E

To Be Released: January 4, 2008

In just two weeks, Fahrenheit is coming out with a new album – Two-Sided Fahrenheit. (雙面飛輪海) Now, normally I would ask the poster “thevantagepoint” to write about this, but she’s currently unavailable, so I’ll talk about it. Fahrenheit is, of course, widely known as S.H.E’s “brother band”, with their same focus on pop and hehe, usually style over substance, 😉 as best as most boy bands can deliver.

In truth, I really shouldn’t write about them. I have their album, but I’ve hardly listened to their songs. But I could detect just the hint of 只對你有感覺 (Feelings Only For You) in the beat of this zhuda for their next album, 新窩 . Check it out! The MV is quite interesting, with it looking like an old ’80s television set and all. (By the way, “New Digs” here refers to a new home.)

Update: Full review posted here.

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Fahrenheit & S.H.E - New Digs


作詞:張家瑋 作曲:林邁可 合唱:S.H.E

飛輪海:感受不易形容 就算會有一點唐突也要說
請搬進我心窩 如果你不幸福再離家出走
我心窩做你的新窩 也許坪數不太夠
甚至會擁擠到 只裝的下你我
請快準備行李 丟掉用不到的傷心舊回憶
腦海中 相本日記 從此更新 只有彼此專屬甜蜜

S.H.E:抱枕就丟掉 有肩膀就夠
最後用關心問候 捆綁我們的手 完工

全:只要在你身邊 我就省掉思念 時間只用來眷戀(時間只用來眷戀)
我要在你身邊 盡情浪費喜悅 也許一待就永遠

S.H.E:管他金窩銀窩 怎樣都比不過彼此的心窩
打包一箱溫柔 今後多多指教就互相寬容
你心窩做我新窩 暖氣不需要使用 我已經溫暖到 融化所有冷漠

飛輪海:請快準備行李 丟掉用不到的傷心舊回憶
腦海中 相本日記 從此更新 只有彼此專屬甜蜜

S.H.E:抱枕就丟掉 有肩膀就夠
最後用關心問候 捆綁我們的手 完工

全:只要在你身邊(在你身邊) 我就省掉思念 時間只用來眷戀(時間只用來眷戀)
我要在你身邊(在你身邊) 盡情浪費喜悅 也許一待就永遠(一待就永遠) (X2)


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