Translation for Jay Chou’s Dandelion’s promise

 Translation By: Ting

小學籬芭旁的蒲公英 是記憶裡有味道的風景
The dandelion next to the hedge in our elementary school
is a flavored and fragrant memory that’s worth savoring.
午睡操場傳來蟬的聲音 多少年後也還是很好聽
The chirps of cicadas on the playground flowed into our siesta
The sound is still mellifluous, after so many years.

將願望折紙飛機寄成信 因為我們等不到那流星
Come fold our wishes into paperplanes and letters
Because we cannot wait for the coming of shooting stars
認真投決定命運的硬幣 卻不知道到底能去哪裡
With all your heart, throw the coin that would determine our fate
though never knowing, where it goes and where it will take us

#一起長大的約定 那樣清晰 打過勾的我相信
Our promise about growing up together, in stark clarity.
I believe in deals made with interlocked fingers
說好要一起旅行 是妳如今 唯一堅持的任性
We said we would go travelling together
and that is the only willful consistency I can find in you now

在走廊上罰站打手心 我們卻注意窗邊的蜻蜓
On the corridor, our palms were slapped as punishment
but we only noticed the dragonfly on the window ledge
我去到哪裡妳都跟很緊 很多的夢在等待著進行
Wherever I went, you followed closely
Many dreams were waiting to be realized

Repeat #

一起長大的約定 那樣真心 與妳聊不完的曾經
Our promise about growing up together, in sincerity,
a ‘once’ that we could not stop talking about
而我已經分不清 妳是友情 還是錯過的愛情
though I can no longer tell whether it is friendship
or a love that has slipped through my fingers


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