梁靜茹 – 崇拜 / Fish Leong – j’Adore (Review)

Fish Leong - J’Adore

Album: 崇拜 / chóng bài / j’Adore

Artist: 梁靜茹 / liáng jìng rú / Fish Leong

Release Date: November 9, 2007


1. 崇拜
2. Ces’t la vie
3. 每天第一件事
4. 會呼吸的痛
5. 101
6. 一秒的天堂
7. 給未來的自己
8. 知多少
9. 生命中不可承受的輕
10. 三吋日光
11. 原來你也唱過我的歌
12. 崇拜 (Hidden Track)

Review By: Ting

Our favorite Malaysian Chinese singer is back to give the awesome year 2007 a final blast. Her last album ‘Kissing the Future of Love’ toyed with the bitter sweetness of adolescent love and with classics like ‘Qinqin’ 親親 (kiss kiss) and ‘Xiao Shou La Da Shou’ 小手拉大手 (Little hand holding big hands), it was arguably her best album to date. Now, Fish’s brand new J’Adore is a similar narrative of love with her typical ballads galore. But instead of doting on adolescent crushes, the heroine of J’Adore leads us through a different journey of introspection, with a tinge of melancholy.

In the first track, ‘J’Adore’, we are led into a girl’s retrospection of an obsessive love by a mesmerizing and echoing solo voice: ‘I lived in your existence…you squandered my affection.’ It is perhaps fortunate that she did not stay in the frustrating relationship for long, for she finally resolved to ‘understand’, ‘leave’, and ‘live in her own existence’. Perhaps the theme of futile sacrifice (which appeared repeatedly in songs like ‘Silk Road’ and ‘Amnesia’) is already much clichéd in Chinese pop, but the fact that the same track is used to conclude the album as a hidden track is worth noting. Listeners who are familiar with Chinese rhetoric would realize the symbolic significance of this bracketing repetition – to begin is to end, and to end is to begin. As the girl decides to move on, we can hear a train revving up, waiting to depart again.

It may be a little far-fetched to dismantle a generic mando-pop album into a bunch of cultural symbols, but the reference to the famous Tang poem ‘Spring Dawn’ in ‘Zhi Duo Shao’ (you know how much…) is too obvious to ignore. The original poem by Meng Haoren conveys the poet’s sense of loss after witnessing the damage done to his flowerbeds after an early rain in Spring. The last line ‘等待中花落知多少’ (how many flowers have fallen during my waiting) is almost a direct transplant from the poem, and a very appropriate one too. Alas, all that yearning for cultural melancholy. Is it not exciting to see more and more artists tending towards中國風?

Of course we can never expect Fish Leong to settle for less, which is why we have songs like ‘Ces’t la vie’ (That’s life) and ‘會呼吸的痛’ (breathable pain) to give an exotic flavor to the album. If we only pardon Fish’s nonnative pronunciation and focus on her innovativeness – at least she did not attempt to read the French prologue by herself like some other artists did with Polish and Russian – ‘Ces’t la vie’ is a commendable track. ‘會呼吸的痛’, on the other hand, is almost reminiscent of the French composer, Richard Clayderman’s ‘Ballade pour Adeline’. The fluid yet steady piano accompaniment to the melody in the first half of the song is nothing short of delightful. Again, as a song about resignation and regrets, ‘Breathable pain’ definitely worth your time.

Then we land upon ‘生命中不可承受的輕’ (The Unbearable Lightness of Being), taking its famous name from Milan Kundera’s classic novel to hopefully make the Chinese music chart in the next couple of weeks. The execution of the first verse is most excellent: a brisk prelude followed by several slow lines that are occasionally paused to make love a montage (‘愛成了蒙太奇’). The descending chords of the chorus are nonetheless characteristic of Chinese pop; if you liked ‘Amnesia’, you will love this song.

Wait, Fish’s experiment with cultural hybridity does not stop here. Her eleventh track ‘原來你也唱過我的歌’ (So You Also Sang My Song) came as a real surprise to her Cantonese fans. Because not only is it sang in Cantonese and in canto-pop style, it is also an anthology of all her famous tracks such as無條件為你(Go unconditional for you), 勇氣(Courage), 分手快樂(Happy Split-up), all skewed together in the S.H.E.藉口‘Jie Kou’ style. What a nice way to thank your fans Fish!

Apparently, there is a little bit of everything for everyone in this new album. If you prefer the cuteness of Fish’s previous album, try ‘101’; if you are an avid fan of F.I.R., ‘一秒的天堂’ might be a nice way to get used to Fish’s vocal qualities. Although there are no more glass chapels and idyllic beaches for us to fantasize about, ‘J’Adore’ is good enough for our romantic appetite.

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1. 崇拜 / chóng bài / j’Adore

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作詞:陳沒 作曲:彭學斌 編曲:陳建騏

你的姿態你的青睞 我存在在你的存在
你以為愛就是被愛 你揮霍了我的崇拜

我活了 我愛了 我都不管了 心愛到瘋了恨到算了就好了
可能的 可以的 真的可惜了 幸福好不容易怎麼你卻不敢了呢

我還以為我們能 不同於別人
我還以為不可能的 不會不可能

你的姿態你的青睞 我存在在你的存在
你以為愛就是被愛 你揮霍了我的崇拜

風箏有風海豚有海 我存在在我的存在

所以明白 所以離開 所以不再為愛而愛 自己存在 在你之外

2. Ces’t la vie

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作詞:黃婷 作曲:易桀齊/伍冠諺

Ne laisse pas le temps,te decevoir…
….ll ne peut etre conquis…
Dans la tristesse, dans la douleur…
Aujourd’hui, demain…
Au fil du temps… Le temps… C’est La Vie…

也許我會再遇見你 像戀人般重逢美麗
看你滿臉胡渣的笑意 爽朗一如往昔
C’est La Vie C’est La Vie C’est La Vie

走一個城市的陌生 走到了
一路微笑的滿天繁星 消失在日出裏
C’est La Vie C’est La Vie C’est La Vie

oh 塞納河~~~的水 是心的眼淚
流過了你笑的 每個樣子(一去不回)
我會在你的記憶 看到我自己
看到了結局 愛在錯過後更珍惜

4. 會呼吸的痛 / huì hū xī de tòng / Breathable Pain

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作詞:姚若龍 作曲:宇恆

在東京鐵塔 第一次眺望
看燈火模仿 墜落的星光
我終於到達 但卻更悲傷
一個人完成 我們的夢想

你總說 時間還很多 你可以等我
以前我不懂得 未必明天 就有以後

想念是會呼吸的痛 它活在我身上所有角落
哼你愛的歌會痛 看你的信會痛 連沈默也痛

遺憾是會呼吸的痛 它流在血液中來回滾動
後悔不貼心會痛 恨不懂你會痛 想見不能見最痛

沒看你臉上 張揚過哀傷
那是種多麼 寂寞的倔強
你拆了城牆 讓我去流浪
在原地等我 把自己捆綁

你沒說 你也會軟弱 需要倚賴我
我就裝不曉得 自由移動 自我地過

我發誓不再說謊了 多愛你就會抱你多緊的
我的微笑都假了 靈魂像飄浮著 你在就好了

我發誓不讓你等候 陪你做想做的無論什麼
我越來越像貝殼 怕心被人觸碰 你回來那就好了


5. 101

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作詞:林白 作曲:康小白

就算失敗了一百遍 不管剩下多少時間
最遙遠的距離 就是當我說放棄 即使幸福已經很近

不需要安慰的字句 就算需要很多運氣
我永遠不放棄 擁有幸福的權利 等你願意我就願意

就在第一百零一遍 當我慢慢睜開眼
喔 也許你就會出現
失敗了一百零一遍 也要不斷的許願
神啊 再給我些時間

每一遍都是新的體驗 一轉眼又跨了一年
昨天的每一天 都是為了要讓自己 到明天更勇敢一點

就在第一百零一遍 一定要一起看見
就在第一百零一遍 我們要一起看見

神啊 再給我些時間

6. 一秒的天堂 / yī miǎo de tiān táng /A Second of Heaven

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作詞:陳沒 作曲:Debbie

他是誰 沒有姓名沒有性別
他是誰 連吻別也吻得那麼完美
他是誰 給我翅膀不讓我飛
他愛誰 愛上了誰又離開了誰

愛是磁鐵 愛是潮水 愛風花雪月
愛一千零一夜 愛是第一眼 就過了一萬年

我要的 愛有一種魔幻 一秒的天堂
會讓我 奮不顧身去闖 去受傷
再讓我 吞下時空膠囊 迷茫的輾轉
好像我 明明到過天堂 卻忘了

喝太醉 往事往往容易傾斜
夜太黑 純潔一頁一頁燒成了灰
想太美 思念細得好像纖維
那個誰 誰是我的最後那一個誰

愛是聽覺 愛是嗅覺 愛天真無邪
愛是錯覺幻覺 愛可能是個 那甜蜜的魔鬼

不管誰 我要我的魔幻 一秒的太陽
我要我 有向日葵一樣 的皇冠
我只要 日正當中蕩漾 蔚藍的海岸
天快亮 愛在閃閃發亮 正前方

9. 生命中不可承受的輕 / shēng mìng zhōng bù kě chéng shòu de qīng / The Unbearable Lightness of Being

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作詞:陳沒 作曲:鴉片丹

讓耳機循環這頻率 反覆超重低音震動著寧靜
擋風玻璃裡愛成了蒙太奇 我哼著我自己的歎息

只是愛與被愛的比例 不是愛或不愛的問題
如果明天還有好天氣 都已經跟你沒關係

*你讓我夢見了太美的夢 生命中不可承受的輕
你證明了每一顆流星 都遙不可及
你因為了我每個所以 所以了這一百年孤寂
你灑下默默無言的雨一滴 一滴一滴一滴滴 遺忘的淚滴

偶陣雨偶爾會天晴 還好星光熠熠好心的提醒
一個人追尋一個人的和平 我看見我自己的天際

愛真的需要一點勇氣 就看我們敢不敢忘記
我和彩虹最短的直徑 也不一定沒有你不行

Repeat *

就讓我狠狠的加速前進 脫離你所給我的夢境
再零點零零一公厘 就可以清醒
我決定不再等你決定 我決定不再當局者迷
我決定屬於我自己的黎明 距離你一世紀 下一個世紀

11. 原來你也唱過我的歌 / yuán lái nǐ yě chàng guò wǒ de gē / So You Also Sang My Song

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作詞:藍奕邦 作曲:藍奕邦 編曲:Ted Lo

聽說過 這邊失戀的人 也會點唱分手快樂
旁人話過 這裡有個大男孩
欠缺勇氣想示愛 唱勇氣來當替代
分開兩地都不緊要 即使距離也會再變小
如樂章的變調 連過客也變得親切了

原來你也唱過我的歌 陪同見證年月的經過
感激有你 肯相信我 我們隨旋律的高低挽手走過
原來我唱你也在拍和 親暱猶如我是情人嗎
即使從未認真拖手過 卻也彷彿愛過

聽說過 這邊廂的戀人 唱我喜歡都很快樂
寧靜夏季 分享多一首親親
完全無條件為你 我也覺無窮快樂
分開兩地都不緊要 今天我陪你唱到破曉
唯望好好答謝 能碰上原是有多奇妙

原來你也唱過我的歌 陪同見證年月的經過
感激有你 肯相信我 我們隨旋律的高低挽手走過
原來我唱你也在拍和 親暱猶如我是情人嗎
即使從未認真拖手過 卻也不願離座

原來你也唱過我的歌 陪同見證年月的經過
悲喜對錯 一起去過 我們還未共分享的尚有很多
原來再見仍然未生疏 心底埋藏我每段情歌
感激從未認真相識過 卻這麼寵愛我


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  2. Hi. Jus to let you all know, I’ll always support Fish Leong. =] Her songs dazzle me. Very happy to see her release her album at last. Hehes. Even though I am only 13 and not have enough allowance to buy her album, but I will listen to her songs and vote for her! Fish rox!

  3. Her Cantonese song is great! I can’t believe it was her singing. It sounds better than many of the Hong Kong singers. The rest of the album is filled with excellent ballads. Love her voice.

  4. can i hav the adore lyrics in pinyin?

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  8. im a guy from denmark and ive never heard about fish before,then 7 yeras ago i visited my girlfriend in hongkong and saw an video with fish”shanghai memories of 1945″ although im not sure its an fish original anyone know this answer?:)

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