Witness & 蕭淑慎 – 萍聚 / Witness & Cecilia Hsiao – Strangers Meeting


What’s Graduation For?

Song: 萍聚 / píng jù / Strangers Meeting

Album: 畢業幹什麼 / bì yè gàn shí me / What’s Graduation For?

Artist: Witness & 蕭淑慎 / xiāo shu shèn / Witness & Cecilia Hsiao

Release Date: June 2003

While I’m still listening over “On The Run,” there’s an old song I’ve been meaning to post for sometime. (I keep a playlist in iTunes with songs I’m going to post, and I almost never am able to keep up with it, due to the numerous new albums coming out all the time.)

This song, 萍聚 (roughly translated as Strangers Meeting, or Meeting By Chance), is commonly known as an old classic, or an “oldie” for folk songs. It’s often sung at middle-agers’ karaoke sessions. I particularly remember one horrid rendition by some random old person at Kuala Lumpur. When sung well, the song is really moving. When bad, it’s scary. It’s usually sung at graduations or leaving (insert random thing here).

This particular song was included in a compilation album called 畢業幹什麼 or “What’s Graduation For?” It included many classics, and new songs. This is one of them. Think of it as a new take on an old classic. It’s sung by a rapper, Witness (who I am unable to find any further information from) and 蕭淑慎, who has also appeared before in 光良’s music video for 第一次.

The music video itself for this song is a bit confusing, I don’t really know what to make of it. But I really like this song, and let me know what you think about it!

The album artwork’s funny too, if you get what it means. 😛

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What’s Graduation For?萍聚
作詞:嚕啦啦 作曲:嚕啦啦 編曲:廖世錚 演唱:Witness Feat/蕭淑慎

Come on baby this day had to come sometime you know that
I gotta do my thing you gotta do yours talk to me girl


當我跟妳 Hand in hand
And when 四目交接時
我一直 想 這是不是我們的最後一次
It’s so hard to say goodbye. Don’t cry 別想不確定未來
Don’t ask 我們到底會不會分開 畢業 What’s next 我覺得很徬徨
但我從不後悔 一起走過這段時光 何嚐不希望 你跟我一起走
But ya, gotta go and I, gotta flow, yo 我要跟大馬戲團一起追求
Hip hop 的夢 And the beat goes on


別管以後將如何結束 至少我們曾經相聚過
(當你坐我旁邊的時候 我都沒有想那麼多)
不必費心的彼此約束 不更需要言語的承諾
(考試卷上的分數 已經決定未來不同的路)

等了這麼久我終於等到這一天 前一夜睡不著因為今天要畢業
心情 Happy to be graduating 可是也覺得有點空虛
Baby you and me 這條路到哪裡去 唯一不會忘記 你我的愛情方程式
但是 鐵定會忘記我的數學老師
Bet you gonna agree with me baby you and me
雖然我們不在一起 我們擁有共同回憶 Please 尒要讓我看見你的悲傷
否則 下一段 不知該怎麼唱
Chorus:別管以後將如何結束 至少我們曾經相聚過
(當你坐我旁邊的時候 我都沒有想那麼多)
不必費心的彼此約束 不更需要言語的承諾
(考試卷上的分數 已經決定未來不同的路)
Baby 我能做什麼 我能說什麼
讓你不感覺那麼難過 其實沒什麼 有什麼好難過
Not at all 反正生命要繼續喔 Like the beat goes on 男人有淚不輕彈
School 不是傷心處 讀萬卷書 不如行萬里路 畢業 就是夢想護身符
Witness 即將 挑戰不可能的任務
Chorus:別管以後將如何結束 至少我們曾經相聚過
(當你坐我旁邊的時候 我都沒有想那麼多)


One response to “Witness & 蕭淑慎 – 萍聚 / Witness & Cecilia Hsiao – Strangers Meeting

  1. hi, this is a very nice song =)
    thank you for sharing it.
    I think the album meaning is more like “what to do after graduating?”
    no offense, i just sharing my opinion =)

    and, i definitely agree with you about the artwork, so cute!