飛兒樂團 – 愛•歌姬 / F.I.R. – Love Diva (Review)


F.I.R. - 愛•�姬

Album: 愛•歌姬 / ài gē jī / Love • Diva

Artist: 飛兒樂團 / fēi ér lè tuán / F.I.R.

Release Date: September 28, 2007

After much waiting, F.I.R.’s fourth album came out a few days ago, and many people wondered whether it would live up to the hype. Well, I have been listening to it for a few days now, and I think it certainly does live up to the hype, though of course some might disagree with me.
A common criticism of F.I.R. is that their music sounds too much the same. Many people would say their songs is hard to differentiate, and that the same melody and beat is used over and over again. I beg to differ on this, but with Love•Diva, I believe that this has been rectified. The songs comprise a broad spectrum of musical styles and genres.
Another notable change is that no longer is Real (阿沁) merely relegated to just making some background noises – as evidenced in the second track (and the first one with vocals) 第十行星 (The Tenth Planet), Real now sings as well, bringing F.I.R. to be more like F.I.R., and not just Faye. Perhaps this has to do with Real’s solo debut album earlier this year – 梵谷的左耳 (The Left Ear of Van Gogh), which was quite successful.
So where to begin? The album starts out, like its forbears with a short intro piece – this time called 詠歎曲 (Hymn). Reminiscent of Gregorian chanting, the piece is supposedly 應許之地 (Track 5 on 無限) played reverse, though I admit I can’t really tell. It sets up the mystery well, however, and serves as a good lead-in for 第十行星. 第十行星 is a song which is primarily rock, though there is a rap part by Real in it. The song writes about the fear people had felt when the end of the millennium arrived in 2000, and the many shortcomings of the human race. A five-star track, in my book. The song is also the title of F.I.R.’s upcoming world tour (their first!) which is beginning on October 20. Hopefully, they’ll sing in Kuala Lumpur.
三個心願 (Three Wishes) is another nice song, though this one is more pop than rock, and it also has Real. Definitely a really nice romantic song to sing to a certain special someone?
Go ahead to track seven, and 月牙灣 (Crescent Moon Bay), that song which I so loved (and still do) in full glory, not the grainy radio previews. The song hasn’t changed, which is good. Here one can see Faye begin to start singing higher and higher, which becomes important later. The song incorporates elements from traditional Chinese music and opera, much to the chagrin of people who like head-thrashing music. The song leads into “Forever Green,” which returns to rock.
愛過 is track ten, and this particular song has drawn comparisons to Mariah Carey due to Faye’s extremely high singing here. Very enjoyable song, and to me it’s comparable to Lydia in the original album.

After listening to this album quite a few times, I’m sure this will be one to withstand the test of time, and will definitely be worth it to get. I wholeheartedly recommend this album to any Asian music fan.

Update: Added more music videos.

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詠嘆曲 / yǒng tàn qū / Hymn

Song Link | Lyrics

(This song has no lyrics, it is just an introduction.)

第十行星 / dì shí xíng xīng / The Tenth Planet

Song Link | Lyrics

作詞:林尚德 作曲:阿沁/陳建寧 編曲:奧斯卡

冰凍永晝之夜 消失的北極圈 銀白的天際線 在我眼前
有種危險 在妳我心裡面 是貪婪的慾念 多麼膚淺

※我準備就現在 乘著流星 拋開崩壞的過去
前往第十行星去 移民未知的星雲
忘掉記憶中叫作家的藍色行星 還有許多荒謬的人性
永不滿足的貪心 杞人憂天的擔心
人定勝天的灰心 天人交戰的善心
交織成最珍貴美麗的星 卻已消滅在宇宙的中心

#驕傲的人類毀 偉大的文明滅
哪裡有愛 拯救一切
終於我犯的罪 永遠在此沉睡
就算崩潰 也要追回 記憶的美

*預言終沒實現 在1999年 地球逃過危險 已好幾遍
那些笑臉 都在記憶裡面 化成繁星點點 掉落天邊

Repeat ※,#,*

星球在碰撞 撞出了信仰 信仰就是愛

三個心願 / sān gè xīn yuàn / Three Wishes

Song Link | Lyrics

作詞:阿沁/徐世珍/謝宥慧 作曲:阿沁 編曲:Terence Teo 演唱:Faye+阿沁

沁:我喜歡妳的眼神 溫柔又危險 請不要戴上眼鏡 我會看不見
想要張開雙手 把妳寶貝 想和妳天天見面 想帶妳環遊世界

飛:我喜歡你愛逞強 笨笨的笑臉 在心中抬頭挺胸 堅定的信念
這個遼闊世界 不夠完美 但有了你在我身邊 什麼都很OK

合:第一個心願 為你把幸福堆積 天涯到海角 頭髮到呼吸
下一個心願 給你最好的自己 再許個心願 我的愛把你佔領

沁:為什麼為了小事 就要掉眼淚 好像有太多的事 只能自己揹
其實只要你說一句OK 現在就立刻馬上 變成你的Superman

飛:這世上最重要的 不只是誓言 只要你常常記得 親親我的臉
我會永遠 記得這個今天 還有很久的那一天 我也要有你陪

月牙灣 / yuè yá wān / Crescent Moon Bay

Song Link | Lyrics

敦煌天空的砂礫 帶著我們的記憶
我從半路看回去 這情關漫漫好蜿嶇

※夢想穿過了西域 包含了多少的禪意
愛情像一本遊記 我會找尋他的謎語

#看月牙灣下的淚光 在絲路之上被遺忘

*是誰的心阿 孤單的留下 他還好嗎 我多想愛他
那永恆的淚凝固 那一句話 也許可能蒸發
是誰的愛阿 並為誰降下 輕聲呼喚 就讓我融化
用一滴雨水演化 成我翅膀 向著我愛的人 追吧

Forever Green

Song Link | Lyrics

作詞:徐世珍/F.I.R 作曲:Kokuse Oshima/Takahiro Maeda 編曲:郭偉聰

Forever Green Forever Green
有本事毀的徹底 不留下一絲空氣
至少我相信 Green
黑暗中我祈求奇蹟 有愛的人不放棄
這荒涼大地 看見一片綠地

在這焦土之中 綻放新的美麗

擁抱生命的呼吸 前進的氧氣

擁抱生命的灰燼 掙脫的勇氣
愛像一顆砂礫 化作永恆的Green


愛過 / ài guò / Loved

Song Link | Lyrics

* 古老的傳說 流連海灣的魔咒
傾聽的水聲誰忘了掌舵 靜止了時空
永恆的泡沫 負載多情的愛愁
陽光下看似繽紛的花朵 盛開後墜落

#親愛的你 不該回頭 那歌聲 太多錯
哼著唱著 聽著心痛 於是眼淚變成寄託
親愛的你 別不放手
別期待 無法去實現的承諾
就算 愛過


Repeat *, #, #


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  4. hi i just discovered the reserved song for 詠嘆曲 (Hymn), she is singing a chinese song. Wow I can’t believe is like a secret message. I use wavepad to reverse the song.

  5. Wow, nice work! Is it the reverse of 應許之地 from the “Unlimited” album?

  6. 月牙灣痕好聽!! ^^

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