I am getting an iPod touch!

iPod Touch

For some two years now, I’ve told people that if I were to get an iPod, it’d be a widescreen version. The shuffle definitely didn’t cut it for me (I actually like to see what I’m listening), the nano was too small of a screen, and now, the classic isn’t a true video iPod. But I think the iPod touch is just right for me – it has internet so I can use it when I need to check email or IM, and a brilliant interface, just like the iPhone. In short, I think I love it.

So I’ve put in my order for one at Amazon.com – it might not come until October, but whatever. I’ve waited so long, I can wait for two weeks.

I haven’t posted any songs lately because the hosting server is down. As soon as it’s back up, posting will resume. Thanks for your patience!


2 responses to “I am getting an iPod touch!

  1. Woot! Woot! iPod touch!

    Good for you! Make sure to post, and let us know how good it is.


  2. Definitely. 🙂

    Hopefully it won’t be one of the ones with the bad screens.