More of 蔡依林 – 特務J / Jolin Tsai – Agent J

Jolin Tsai - Agent J

So I’ve been listening to Jolin Tsai’s new album (the whole thing, not just the single) , and it’s really interesting because it has a lot more dance related songs than the last one, 舞孃 (Dancing Diva). The music video has also now been posted online, but YouTube keeps trying to take them down. Another interesting fact: All the songs in this album have three characters (or three word) in their track names – why? I don’t know.

So here are more songs for everyone to enjoy, look at the bottom after the lyrics.

Hence, I’m introducing a new feature today – I’ve converted the YouTube video file into a nice ol’ MP4, so those of you with iPod videos, or the new iPod classic and iPod nano, not to even say about the iPod touch and iPhone, can view the music video on the go, or just watch it within iTunes. It’s really convenient. Then, even if YouTube deletes the file from their servers, you can still download the music video for your viewing pleasure. So starting from this post on, that’s what’s every song is going to have.

As for the music video, it’s interesting that this one cost $50 million NT, and Jolin nearly got paralyzed in an accident while filming it. She learned how to pole-dance, and that alone would probably get many people to go watch the MV – how often do you see Jolin pole-dancing? But I guess the movie industry still doesn’t get that most spies don’t go down the street clad in black leather and randomly shooting people.

Update: New album artwork in this post.

Song Link | Music Video | Buy Album | Lyrics ↓

作詞:李宗恩/嚴云農/梁錦興 作曲:黃聲峰 編曲:小安

尖叫劃破漫長黑夜 香水透露你的方位
深夜流星勾引月圓 蒙著面我跳過聖母院
轉身我來到美麗的結界 冒險開演

大寫J 像一隻蠍 鮮豔的刺是我的識別
我愛誰 也不愛誰 我是愛情派來的間諜#

*完美特務J 冰凍全場焦點
完美特務J 戲份拿捏最會
愛的不知不覺 卻永遠無法兌現

Repeat all once

愛情有十誡 戒懶戒自悲 戒悶戒愛現戒膚淺
愛情有十誡 戒宅戒失戀 戒煙戒永遠沒主見

Repeat *

完美特務J 掌控浪漫氛圍
完美特務J 任務宣告終結
凡爾賽的玫瑰 是我最後的告別

Here are a few more songs from the album that are quite nice:

愛無赦 (Bravo Lover):

Song Link

日不落 (The Never-Setting Sun)

Song Link

Let’s Move It (used as a commercial song for Toyota)

Song Link


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