The Most Disgusting Music Video – Ever


JJ Lin - Xijie

Someone – forgot who, but someone told me that 林俊傑/JJ Lin’s newest single, 殺手 (“The Killer”) was the most sickening music video ever. Having seen a lot of weird and absolutely strange music videos, I didn’t really think that was possible. But I watched it via Miro, and I have to say, it truly is disgusting. I warn anyone who doesn’t usually watch horror movies, or hate horror movies to definitely not to watch it. Basically, in the MV, JJ Lin is a psychotic killer who was an infatuation with this certain girl, and has a sort of twisted love for her. He therefore kidnaps her, kills her, and dismembers her body and hangs all the body parts on the wall. It’s a dreadful video.

Maybe JJ Lin – is actually psychotic. The lyrics do seem to show that.

Lyrics ↓


作詞:林秋離 作曲:林俊傑 編曲:林俊傑 演奏:古箏-王勇

交叉在微笑的背後 暗藏危險的輪廓
在妳最放鬆的時候 絕不帶著任何感情就下手 從來不回頭

開始的感覺 不會痛 不會痛 放大的瞳孔 就像作夢
幸福的錯覺 很溫暖 很包容 也許還期待
這是致命的衝動 妳不懂 我不懂
究竟殺手為什麼存在 因為愛 還是未知的未來

#心情放鬆搖擺 在妳三百米之外 數著心跳等待 所有念頭全拋開
鎖起來 進來 這美麗的悲哀 這是愛 就是愛 全世界都不明白

*心情停止搖擺 在妳三百米之外 感覺饑餓難耐 需要妳填滿空白
鎖起來 進來 這美麗的悲哀 這是愛 就是愛 只有妳明白

Repeat all once,#,*


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